Byrson was happy, to say the least,
after watching his dad take this 3 pt.
buck with his muzzle loader. The buck
weighed 115 lbs. Congratulation BJ on
your hunt with your son Bryson.

BJ was hunting from a box stand
overlooking a food plot when he saw
this seven point step out. He said he droped
him in his tracts. He was hunting on Oct 23rd,  
in the afternoon. He said the buck weighed
135 lbs. congratulations on your hunt
BJ and thanks for the photo.

BJ was on a morning
hunt on our hunt club
when he heard two bucks
running his way. He said one
kept running on by him when the
2nd one stopeed with his head hid
behind a cedar tree. He thought it was
a  lot bigger buck than the first one.
The 4 pt  weighed 110 lbs. BJ said
it will be some good eating.
Thanks for the photo and
Congratulations on
your hunt BJ.

BJ was hunting on halls farm
across from his house in some hardwoods
on a morning hunt . He said he started rattling
and made a few grunts when this six point came
running in and stoped about 15 yrds from his
tree stand. He said the buck dropped n his
tracks. It weighed 130 lbs. Thanks for the
photo BJ and congratulations on
your hunt.

BJ shot this doe hunting at
Halls farm  on dec. 11th. The doe
weighed 110 lbs. Congratulations on
your hunt BJ!



Renee Tumblin
Renee was hunting on private land in
Ware Shoals, SC on DEC. 17th when she
took this 4 point. The buck weighed 112 lbs.
Thanks for sharing your hunt with me and
letting me take your picture Renee.  

TI Ford with his son
Max and daughter Ivy

TI said this very nice ten
point came across a field around
5:45 pm on Dec. 15th when he layed the
hammer down. The buck weighed 185 lbs.
Congratulationsons on your Late season
hunt TI and thanks for letting me take a
photo. Check out the video of TI below.

Keven Davis
Keven said this fine eight
point came running in with another
deer behind this one but he only got a
good look at this buck. He took the buck
on private land. He said it weighed 150 lbs.
Congratulation Keven and thanks
for the photo.

Gary Bill
Gary took this nice
eight point on private land.
He said it would be some
good eating. Thanks for
the photo gary and
on yuor hunt.

TI Ford
TI was hunting Friday 10/22 on his birthday
with his Dad and brother when he killed this150 lb.
eight point using Common Scents. Ti said it only makes
sense to use Common Scents when deer hunting.
Congratulationsons on your hunt TI and
thanks for the photo.

Tony Digirolamo
Tony went hunting on Oct. 24th
behind his house when this fine eight
point came out. Tony said he had been
watching another nice buck when he saw
this one, but could not get a shot,  and had
to wait forever for him to presen a shot.
The buck had an 181/2 inch spread and
weighed 160 lbs.  Congratulation
Tony and thank you for
letting me take the

Billy Simmson
Billy said this nice eight point
came running across a power line.
He blew his grunt call to get him to stop
for a second but then he kept running, so
he led him and took the shot. The buck
weighed 205 lbs. Congratulation
on your hunt Billy and thanks
for the picture.

Brent Payton
Brent shot these does
on his hunt club. Congratulation
on your hunt and thanks
for the photo.

He took this six point buck
using Common Scents Deer Wine.
All it takes to harvest a deer is a little bit
of Common Scents. The buck weighed
135 lbs. Thanks TI for the picture.

Ivy Duncan
Ivy harvested this 110 lb. six point
opening morning gun season congratulations
on your hunt Ivy and thanks for the photo.

Youth Hunts
Eli Parker
Eli took this Doe on private land in Mt. Carmel,
SC, on Sat. afternoon, Oct. 23rd with his 243 cal. rifle.
This was his first Deer taken hunting solo. Hope this
is the first of many more to come. Way to go Eli! and
Congratulations on your hunt. Thanks for the photo.


Brent Payton
Brent arrowed this
115 lb doe on opening
morning, thanks for the pic
and congrtulations.

TI Ford
Ti took this 115  lb. doe
 with a crossbow. Thanks for the pic TI
and congrtulations on your hunt.